The blog will collate and analyse news articles, tweets, vlogs and other media found mostly on reddit, twitter and alternative news sources, including – but not limited to – news now, mint press, Al-Masdar news and 21st Century Wire. I will outline and discuss key points of interest and recent developments relevant to the war in Syria.

The posts on my blog will focus primarily on battle developments, humanitarian issues and important political affairs concerning the middle-east and Syria. The reason I have decided to create a blog on this topic is because I believe mainstream media channels, particularly those within Australia could be doing a better job of covering the war in Syria and conflicts in the middle-east generally.

I believe that this is the case as my own knowledge of the situation in Syria is based mostly on research gathered from alternative media sources, Twitter and aggregate sources like Reddit and the 4chan board ‘/pol/’. In my time studying the situation in the middle-east and Syria, I have read numerous articles from various mainstream news sources that have often conflicted with information gathered from journalists, military officers, activists, intelligence analysts, soldiers and citizen journalists that are providing information from both within Syria, the middle east and abroad.

Aggregate sources such as Reddit and 4chan /pol/, have been a good source of information including news and journalistic articles. Perhaps more importantly there are often re-posts of media including videos, live maps of the situation and Tweets or other social media posts from important actors and journalists on the ground in Syria and worldwide.

With such a confusing mess of information and misinformation from mostly mainstream western news outlets, I hope to bring clarity to the situation with my blog. The aim of my blog then, is to provide students or anyone interested with short and easily digestible information that is as accurate and as free from propaganda as possible. Something that isn’t guaranteed in mainstream news.